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January 2011

PortugalGay is biggest and most visited LGBT/GLS portal in Portugal, use this unique advantage to announce your establishment or product to the bi/gay/les/trans community.

Sites that we manage: - The most compreensive LGBT information in Portuguese - The definitive reference for non-portuguese speaking LGBT in Portugal (content in English, Spanish, French and German) - The official information point for LGBT Pride events in Portugal (content in Portuguese, English and Spanish). - Porto Pride official website (content in Portuguese and English). - The official information point for legal LGBT family protection in Portugal (content in Portuguese). - Information for LGBT youth in Portugal (content in Portuguese).

PortugalGay in Numbers

160'000 visitors per month.
1/4 visit the website again in a 30 day period.
1'000'000 banner impressions.
+400'000 page views per month.
Data from Google Analytics (1/2011).

Run of Site Banners - Top of page 728x90 Banner

Just select the number of standard 728x90 banner views and during how much time do you want the campaing.

Minimum period: 1 week (only for 7'500 and 20'000 blocks)
Maximum period per block: 6 months
CPM: Cost per 1000 banners visualizations

Banner Visualizations Euros CPM (Euros) Equiv. Discount
 7'500  50.00  6.67  0%
 20'000  125.00  6.25  6%
 50'000  250.00  5.00  25%
 125'000  500.00  4.00  40%

Extra options:
We support geographic, time of day and week day selection. It is also possible to cap the number of banners view that an user will see in a day. Multiple banner designs possible in the same banner slot. This are the reference prices for 728x90 top-of-page banners, we also have banner space in the 120x600, 160x600 and 300x250 formats in selected sections of the websites. Contact us for more details and prices.

Fixed Banners in a section during a Month - Top of page 728x90 Banner + After main content 728x90 Banner

Make your product visible reserving your exclusive 728x90 standard banner space in a group of pages during a month.

The price includes the banners presentations.
This prices are for the exclusive use of the two 729x90 banner locations in the pages, one in the top, the other after the main content.
Other banners sizes in the page may present content from other advertisers.
If you need other options please contact us.

Pages Visits/Month* Euros/Month
   Directory/Travel Guide [PT/UK/ES]50000 1000.00
   IRC JavaChat [PT]50000 1000.00
   Directory/Travel Guide [PT]40000 800.00
   News [PT]40000 800.00
   Index [PT]25000 500.00
   STDs [PT]7000 150.00
(1) average number of real individual visits during one month, even if a user views the same page several times in the same day it counts only as one visit. Number of visitors calculated based on real banner presentation data. The presented price is independent of the number of effective visits in the contracted period.

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How big is PortugalGay Banner Network? is the greatest and most visited LGBT web site in Portugal. We have six active domains (,,,, casamentocivil.og and, almost 20000 different pages available in several languages, and even mobile versions. It has always been the most visited LGBT-oriented web site in Portugal.
Alexa Stats:,, Ilga Portugal, Opus Gay.

Who can announce?
We reserve the right not to accept advertising that we think is improper such as, by example, promotion of racism, xenophobia or other forms of social exclusion, pornography, game, tobacco or illegal activities. Except for these situations any person or company can announce in our site.

Who has used PortugalGay Internet advertising?
Some of our advertisers: Andromedical, Blumenberg DermoSpecialist, Boys'R'Us Bar, Casa D'Eros, Com-Tacto, ElektroParade, EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, Fruto Proibido, Him Club, MF Snack Bar, Oasis Sauna, Revista Korpus, Rio 40º Disco, Sony Music, SoundPlanet Disco, Saga Travel, Thermas 205, Universal Music.

Which is the format and how do Banners work?
Banners in the PortugalGay Banner Network have the standard size of 728x90 pixels (in a very small range of pages they are downsized to 468x60) and are presented rotating in all the pages of the sites. Banners can be presented, by request, at specific sections, e.g., the English version of PortugalGay Guide or in the Comming Out page. We include the free design of a banner (if you wish). When the users clicks in your banner he/she will be directed to an Internet page or a simple page drawn by our team with your logo and text information.

I have a place or business but I do not want to spend money in advertising. Can PortugalGay help me?
All the entries in the PortugalGay Directory (in Portuguese, English and Spanish) are 100% free. Contact us to add your page or company without any costs.

How much does it cost to have an event in your calendar? The entries in the Agenda (only available in Portuguese) are free, but we reserve the rigth to publish the ones that we see more relevant to our visitors. The calendar is presented in the portuguese main page of the website and also in our email newsletter. Usually we only publish events that are sent to us at least 7 days before the date. To sugest an event use this page (in portuguese) or send an email to

What has PortugalGay done to make the site more visible and to help the LGBT comunity?
Besides being listed in all the major national and international search engines, PortugalGay has participated in events directed to the LGBT community.
Year 2000: Lisbon Pride (Pç do Município, Lisbon, 1 July), North Pride (It Club, Póvoa de Varzim, 15 July), the BBCM Promo Presence (Kadoc, Albufeira, 10 and 17 August), GayLand (Hit Club, Póvoa de Varzim, 25 August), Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (ILGA Portugal, Lisbon, 8-30 September), Torch Song Trilogy play (Teatro Aramá, Porto, 20-30 October), Shirley Bassey Parties (Boys'R'Us, Porto, 22 October and Bar 106, Lisbon, 12 November), Projecto X.2 play (Teatro Plástico, Porto, 12 Dec-12 Jan). In September we edited the first gay and lesbian guide of the Oporto city (the first ever LGBT city guide in Portugal edited only with private money).
Year 2001: Launch of PortugalPride.Org website. Organized the first ever Porto Pride. Participation in Lisbon Pride and North Pride. We regularly contribute with LGBT news to the radio program Alternative Lives (Wed 21:00-22:00, Radio Voxx FM: 91.6 Lisbon, 90.0 Porto) and had a presence in the TV Show Praça da Alegria (RTP1, 10:10-13:00, 12 September 2000). We are also listed in several published guides about Portugal. Participation in Montreal Gay Games 2006 Bidding City Media Visit. Invitation of Zero Magazine (Spain) for an 8 page article on Oporto gay life.
Year 2002: Co-organizing Porto Pride 2002. Published a full color paper Porto Gay & Lesbian Guide. Responsable for the entertaining staff of CrazyPlanet party at SoundPlanet disco. Several TV apearances. Continue the radio participation. Inscription as Associate Member in the International Lesbian Gay Association. Founder of the Portuguese LGBT Forum (informal meeting and brainstorming group for several LGBT associations and groups). Regular distribution of free condoms (provided by CNLCS) in LGBT places in Oporto city.
Year 2006: Co-organizing 1st Porto LGBT March.

Please note: The data in this page is for informational use only, final contract values must be confirmed.


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