Shirley Bassey

Shirley nasceu a 8 de Janeiro de 1937 em Tiger Bay, Cardiff, País de Gales. Após terminar a escola arranjou emprego numa fábrica local mas ganhava um dinheiro extra nos clubes noturnos para homens. Viajou pelo Reino Unido nos anos 50 e pouco depois teve os seus primeiros tops, em 1959 com "As I Love You". Nos anos 60 teve "Reach for the Stars/Climb Every Mountain." seguido de "Goldfinger" nos EUA. Continuou nos anos 70 no Reino Unido com "Something," "For All We Know" e "Never Never Never." Em 1977 recebeu o Britannia Award para Melhor Solista Feminino dos Últimos 50 Anos. Em 1981 foi para a Suiça em semi-reforma mas apareceu em algumas ocasiões incluindo o album de 1987 com os Yello. Nos anos 90, abre um clube noturno em Cardiff, e faz várias tornées pelo mundo.

Shirley Bassey é a intérpretre de diversos hinos gays como "Diamonds are Forever", o inesquecível "I Am What I Am" e outros, no entanto ela própria não costumava viver muito bem com esta faceta "gay". De origem britânica tornou-se conhecida do público americano através dos seus três temas para os filmes 007: Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971) e Moonraker (1979).

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Songs of Shirley Bassey
Miss Bassey

Discografia (resumida):

Old Friends & Lovers (2003)

1. The Power of Love 2. The Wind Beneath My Wings 3. Yesterday 4. Greatest Love of All 5. How Do You Keep the Music Playing 6. He Was Beautiful 7. Still 8. All I Ask of You 9. I Want to Know What Love Is 10. That's What Friends Are For 11. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 12. Dio Como Ti Amo (Oh God How Much I Love)

Greatest Hits [EXTRA TRACKS] (2001)

1. Diamonds Are Forever 2. History Repeating 3. Big Spender 4. Mooraker 5. Something 6. For All We Know 7. Light My Fire 8. I (Who Have Nothing) 9. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story 10. As Long as He Needs Me 11. What Now My Love 12. Goldfinger 13. This Is My Life 14. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story [Away Team Mix] 15. Goldfinger [Propellerheads Mix] 16. Big Spender [Wild Oscar Mix] 17. What Kind Of Fool Am I 18. If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas) 19. What Now My Love 20. Goldfinger 21. The Greatest Performance Of My Life 22. This Is My Life

The Remix Album (2001)

. Where Do I Begin (Away Team Remix) 2. Goldfinger (Propellerheads Remix) 3. Light My Fire (Kenny Dope Remix) 4. Diamonds Are Forever (Mantronik Remix) 5. Easy Thing to Do (Nightmares on Wax Remix) 6. Never, Never, Never (Groove Armada Remix) 7. Moonraker (Superfunk Remix) 8. Big Spender (Wild Oscar Remix) 9. Spinning Wheel (Dj Spinna Remix) 10. Light My Fire (Twelf Tree Remix) 11. If You Go Away (DJ Skymoo Aka Moloko Remix)

Something (1999)

1. Something 2. Spinning Wheel 3. Yesterday I Heard the Rain 4. The Sea and Sand 5. My Way 6. What About Today? 7. You and I (From MGM Film 'Goodbye Mr. Chips') 8. Light My Fire 9. Easy to Be Heard {from Film 'Hair'} 10. Life Goes on {from Film Z} 11. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? {From MGM Film Happy Endings} 12. Yesterday, When I Was Young 13. Fool on the Hill [*]

Power of Love (1998)

1. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? 2. He Was Beautiful 3. The Power of Love 4. Still 5. All I Ask of You 6. I Want to Know What Love Is 7. The Wind Beneath My Wings 8. Yesterday 9. That's What Friends Are For 10. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word 11. Greatest Love of All 12. Dio Come Ti Amo (Oh God How Much I Love You)

Birthday Concert [LIVE] (1998)

1. 'S Wonderful 2. Diamonds Are Forever 3. Nobody Does It Like Me 4. Never, Never, Nerve 5. Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me 6. Big Spender 7. The Lady Is a Tramp 8. New York, New York 9. What Now, My Love? 10. Something 11. Hey Jude 12. I Wanna Know What Love Is 13. La Passione 14. I (Who Have Nothing) 15. Yesterday, When I Was Young 16. This Is My Love 17. I Wish You Love 18. I Am What I Am

40 Great Songs (1996)

1. Goldfinger 2. Send In The Clowns 3. I (Who Have Nothing) 4. Climb Ev'ry Mountain 5. All By Myself 6. On A Wonderful Day Like T 7. Somewhere 8. Once In A Lifetime 9. The Shadow Of Your Smile 10. This Masquerade 11. And I Love You So 12. The Way We Were 13. If And When 14. I've Got You Under My Ski 15. As Long As He Needs Me 16. New York, New York 17. Bridge Over Troubled Wate 18. Just One Of Those Things 19. Solitaire 20. The Party's Over 21. Diamonds Are Forever 22. Killing Me Softly With H 23. Easy To Love 24. If You Go Away 25. New York State Of Mind 26. Moon River 27. People 28. It's Impossible 29. Can You Read My Mind 30. I Get A Kick Out Of You 31. We Don't Cry Out Loud 32. You Are The Sunshine Of M 33. The Lady Is A Tramp 34. He's Out Of My Life 35. Only When I Laugh 36. Cry Me A River 37. Moonraker 38. In Other Words (Fly Me To 39. Let There Be Love 40. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye

EMI/UA Years 1959-79 [BOX SET] (1996)

Disc: 1 1. 'S Wonderful 2. As Long as He Needs Me 3. You'll Never Know 4. So in Love 5. Reach for the Stars 6. Who Are We 7. I'll Get By (As Long as I Have You) 8. Tonight 9. What Now, My Love? 10. Above All Others 11. It Could Happen to You [#] 12. It All Depends on You [#] 13. I (Who Have Nothing) 14. Gone 15. How Can You Believe 16. Goldfinger 17. My Child [#] 18. Seesaw of Dreams 19. It's Yourself 20. Secrets 21. Stay on the Island [#] 22. Once in a Lifetime 23. The Liquidator 24. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 25. The Boy from Ipanema [#] 26. More [#] 27. A House Is Not a Home

Disc: 2 1. Don't Take the Lovers from the World 2. Take Away 3. I've Got a Song for You 4. Shirley 5. Give Him Your Love 6. And We Were Lovers 7. Who Could Love Me 8. Do I Look Like a Fool 9. Big Spender 10. Dangerous Games 11. La Vita 12. I Must Know 13. This Is My Life 14. Without a Word 15. If He Walked into My Life [#] 16. To Give 17. My Love Has Two Faces 18. Clown Town [#] 19. Dows Anybody Miss Me 20. I'll Never Fall in Love Again 21. My Way of Life (My Way) 22. The Bus That Never Comes 23. Fa Fa Fa (Live for Today)

Disc: 3 1. Something 2. Spinning Wheel 3. Yesterday I Heard the Rain 4. Sea and Sand 5. What About Today? 6. You and I 7. Light My Fire 8. Yesterday, When I Was Young 9. Fool on the Hill 10. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story 11. Till Love Touches Your Life 12. For the Love of Him 13. Vehicle [#] 14. Diamonds Are Forever 15. The Way a Woman Loves 16. For All We Know 17. The Greatest Performance of My Life 18. Lost and Lonely 19. The Way of Love 20. Day by Day 21. Ballad of the Sad Young Men 22. If I Should Love Again 23. Let Me Be the One [#]

Disc: 4 1. Never, Never, Never 2. Somehow 3. Going, Going, Gone 4. Make the World a Little Younger 5. Everything I Own [#] 6. All That Love Went to Waste 7. I'm Not Anyone 8. Jesse 9. Living 10. Natali 11. If I Vever Sing Another Song 12. Can't Take My Eyes off You 13. You Take My Heart Away 14. Come in from the Rain 15. Tomorrow Morning [#] 16. Razzle Dazzle 17. You Made Me Love You 18. My Man [#] 19. Nature Boy [*] 20. The Greatest Love of All 21. Moonraker

Disc: 5 1. Once in a Lifetime [#] 2. Just One of Those Things [#] 3. As Long as He Needs Me [#] 4. Burn My Candle (At Both Ends) [#] 5. All the Things You Are [#] 6. If I Were a Bell [#] 7. What Now, My Love? [#] 8. A Lot of Living to Do [#] 9. No Regrets [#] 10. Typically English [#] 11. In Other Wrods (Fly Me to the Moon) [#] 12. Please Mr. Brown [#] 13. I'm a Fool to Want You [#] 14. You [#] 15. Johnny One Note [#] 16. I Could Have Danced All Night/A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening [Instrum

Let Me Sing & I'm Happy (1996)

1. Send in the Clowns 2. Don't Cry for Me Argentina 3. Can't Help Falling in Love 4. Spinning Wheel 5. That's Life 6. Until It's Time for You to Go 7. On a Clear Dat You Can See Forever 8. Something 9. Fel Like Makin' Love 10. The Shadow of Your Smile 11. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy 12. Diamonds Are Forever 13. Alone Again (Naturally) 14. Killing Me Softly With This Song 15. The Fool on the Hill 16. Yesterday, When I Was Young

I Capricorn (Original: 1972)

1. I, Capricorn 2. The Look of Love {From the Film "Casino Royale"} 3. The Way a Woman Loves 4. Love 5. Where Am I Going? 6. I've Never Been a Woman Before 7. For All We Know {From ABC film "Lovers and Other Strangers"} 8. The Greatest Performance of My Life 9. Where Is Love? 10. Losing My Mind {From "Follies"} 11. One Less Bell to Answer 12. Lost and Lonely

And I Love You So (+2 Bonus Tracks) (Original: 1972)

1. Someday 2. Bless The Beasts And The Children 3. Jezahel 4. And I Love You So 5. The Way Of Love 6. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 7. Day By Day 8. Without You 9. Ballad Of The Sad Young Men 10. I Don't Know How To Love Him 11. I'd Do It All Again 12. If We Only Have Love 13. If I Should Love Again * 14. Let Me Be The One *

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